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Prologue Oxford: A Few Large Boxes

Section 1 1880 – 1938: Pre-World War I to World War II
Chapter 1 Brno: Manchester of the Habsburg Empire
Chapter 2 Vienna: Capital of a Great Empire
Chapter 3 Gura Humorului: A Rising Star
Chapter 4 Vienna: Two Widows Meet
Chapter 5 Austria: National Socialism Threatens
Chapter 6 Europe: Escape
Chapter 7 London: A New Life in Streatham
Chapter 8 Tynemouth: The Hostel is Created

Section 2 1938 – 1945: World War II
Chapter 9 Windermere: War Starts
Chapter 10 Isle of Man, Canada: Internment
Chapter 11 Holland: The Royal Navy
Chapter 12 Bergen-Belsen: A Tragic Scene
Chapter 13 Windermere: The Hostel Empties
Chapter 14 Vienna: The Fate of the Palast Kino

Section 3 1946-2000: Lives Built and Rebuilt
Chapter 15 Vienna: Paula Fights for Her Cinema
Chapter 16 London: From Redcoat to ATV
Chapter 17 London: The Sound of Music
Chapter 18 London: His Own Business
Chapter 19 Brno: A Brave Woman
Epilogue Austria: Holocaust in Retrospect
Postscript Friends for Life
Ticho and Sieber Family Trees
Appendix Peter Sieber’s Report on the Hostel
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